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Why You Should Use MAXODERM

MAXODERM ™ is the ONLY sexual performance product of its kind that is scientifically engineered with Vasotran Auctum™, a powerful proprietary formula that uses transdermal delivery with a unique herbal blend to increase blood flow to the penis.

Using MAXODERM ™ regularly, not only increases size, but also intensifies orgasms, prolongs erections, and enhances sexual stamina, starting with its first use.

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Unlike a pill taken orally, MAXODERM uses one of the latest breakthroughs in scientific technology, Unique Targeted Delivery System - which has been touted by doctors around the world as the supplement delivery method of the future. MAXODERM's patent pending formula - VASOTRAN AUCTUM - creates an immediate effect because the ingredients are delivered through the skin rather than going through the extensive dilutive processes of the digestive system (which is exactly what takes place when swallowing a pill, tablet or capsule).

How It Works.
The active ingredients in MAXODERM ™'s powerful formula have been scientifically engineered into a topical lotion, where, unlike herbal pills such as Enzyte, Vig-RX, Magna-RX, and SizeMax, they:

  • Maximize the rate of absorption.
  • Avoid dilution by gastrointestinal acids from the stomach, digestive system breakdown and liver excretion.
  • Begin to work with the very first application.

Therefore, since MAXODERM ™ is applied directly to the penis, its highly active ingredients are immediately absorbed into the blood stream at the desired area.

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Maxoderm can help improve sexual performance

As stated earlier, MAXODERM ™ is delivered transdermally directly through the skin of the penis. Additionally, by combining the vaso-dilation properties of Vasotran Auctum™ with an aloe-based lotion, MAXODERM ™ creates an UNBELIEVABLY enhanced sensation during application.

Using MAXODERM ™ regularly WILL:

  • Increase Erection Size.

  • Intensify Orgasms.

  • Prolong Erections.

  • Enhance Sexual Stamina.

We receive thousands of letters each week from satisfied men and women thanking us for the drastic improvement MAXODERM ™ has made to their sex lives. You will feel your confidence lift dramatically and you will want to make love more often. Your partner will be blown away by the intensity of your sexual prowess. In fact, we think that once you use MAXODERM™, you will never want to engage sexually without it again, whether with a partner or for self-pleasuring purposes.


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MAXODERM comes in a 4 oz. tube

Increase Size and Maximize Your Investment.
Studies have shown that when substances are taken orally, as little as 5% make it to the cells where they are needed … ONLY 5%! Looking at this from an investment standpoint, if you invest $70 - $100 on pills that claim you MAY see a result in 3-4 weeks, you are only realizing $3.50 - $5.00 of effectiveness. The rest is waste, discarded by the organs of the body. Conversely, with MAXODERM ™, as much as 95% of its powerful formula reaches the desired area. Therefore, almost 100% of your investment is being realized.

Innovative Approach.
MAXODERM ™'s approach is fresh and new. As previously stated Transdermal Delivery is one of the hottest scientific breakthroughs to come in years, making oral delivery systems obsolete.



Only 5% reach cells. 95% of substances reach the desired area.
Bodily organs discard majority of pill ingested. Directly applied to the desired area.
Can take up to 4-6 weeks to see results if at all. Begins working INSTANTLY

95% of MAXODERM™’s powerful formula reaches the desired area. Therefore, almost 100% of your investment is being realized.

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