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Maxoderm Connection Cream

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If you are like most men and women, sexual enjoyment is something you're looking to enhance. Since the beginning of time, man has been searching for that ultimate aphrodisiac that would make him unbelievably desirous to women, driving them wild with his ability to increase sexual pleasure and bring women orgasm after orgasm. The experts at Barmensen Labs created MAXODERM Connection ...™ to help the thousands of men and women just like you increase sexual pleasure and combat many of the sexual performance issues you face today.

Response Factor™ (RF™): The Key to Optimum Sexual Performance

Did you ever wonder why it was so easy to get "in the mood" when we were younger? It seems that everything used to excite us and the mere touch of our partner brought immediate feelings of passion. Our Response Factor™ (RF™) is the time it takes for us to become sexually aroused upon stimulation, and it gets longer and longer as we age. The demands of stress, time constraints, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, children, and lack of physical exercise all cause our Response Factor™ to decrease, thereby hampering our sex life. MAXODERM Connection ...™ will help stimulate and drastically shorten your Response Factor for more spontaneity in the bedroom and greater romance at home.

Experience The Safe, All-Natural Effects of MAXODERM Connection ...™

Formulated as a topical lotion, MAXODERM Connection ...™ is an all-natural, fast acting solution designed to increase blood flow and circulation to the sexual organs, TRANSDERMALLY. With MAXODERM Connection ...™ there is no swallowing pills that can result in systemic side effects or take weeks to work. Rather, our formula is safely applied directly to the source where its Vasodilation properties IMMEDIATELY activate and invigorate the sexual senses. Its soothing and lubricating effects will instantaneously delight any woman who wants to add a spark to her sexual experience. Whether it's for self-pleasuring purposes OR to maximize her partner's erection quality and firmness and sexual stamina, MAXODERM Connection ...™ will help you achieve a more satisfying sex life.

MAXODERM Connection ...™ can provide Men and Women:

  • Increased Orgasm Frequency
  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Increased Sexual Stamina(in males)
  • Maximized Erection quality and firmness(in males)

MAXODERM Connection

Female Sexual Dysfunction
Memo from Research and Development Department
Barmensen Labs

Disorders in female sexuality include desire, arousal, and orgasmic disorders.

Sexuality is a complex process, coordinated by the neurologic, vascular and endocrine systems. Individually, sexuality incorporates family, societal and religious beliefs, and is altered with aging, health status and personal experience. In addition, sexual activity incorporates interpersonal relationships, each partner bringing unique attitudes, needs and responses into the coupling. A breakdown in any of these areas may lead to sexual disorders.

Estimates of the number of women who have sexual issues range from 19 to 50 percent in "normal" outpatient populations and increase to 68 to 75 percent when sexual dissatisfaction or problems (not dysfunctional in nature) are included.

One basic option is to enhance stimulation and eliminate routine by encouraging use of erotic materials (videos, stimulating lotions, gels and lubricants); suggest masturbation to maximize familiarity with pleasurable sensations; encourage communication during sexual activity; discuss varying positions, times of day or places; suggest making a "date" for sexual activity.

Disorders of Desire
Women with disorders of desire are difficult to treat. Occasionally, decreased desire is secondary to boredom with sexual routines. Suggesting changes in positions or venues, or the addition of erotic materials is helpful.

Arousal Disorders
Current option for arousal disorders are limited to the use of commercial lubricants, although vitamin E and mineral oils can be helpful. Arousal disorders may be secondary to inadequate stimulation, especially in older women who require more stimulation to reach a level of arousal that was more easily attained at a younger age. Encouraging adequate foreplay or the use of vibrators and stimulating lotions, gels and lubricants to increase stimulation can be very effective. Taking a warm bath before intercourse may also increase arousal. Anxiety may inhibit arousal, and strategies to alleviate anxiety by employing distraction techniques are suggested.

Investigators recognize that small-vessel atherosclerotic disease of the vagina and clitoris may contribute to arousal disorders and are exploring products that contain “vasoactive” properties as potential aids. Small studies have been conducted with favorable results - larger studies are in process.

Orgasmic Disorders
Anorgasmia can be quite responsive to every day remedies. This condition is caused by sexual inexperience or the lack of sufficient stimulation and is common in women who have never experienced orgasm. Orgasmic disorders may also be psychologic("involuntary inhibition" of the orgasmic reflex) or caused by medications or chronic disease.

Recommendations rely on maximizing stimulation and minimizing inhibition. Stimulation may include masturbation with prolonged stimulation (initially up to one hour) and/or the use of stimulating lotions, gels and lubricants as needed, and muscular control of sexual tension (alternating contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles during high sexual arousal). The latter is similar to Kegel exercises. Methods to minimize inhibition include distraction by "spectatoring" (observing oneself from a third-party perspective), fantasizing or listening to music.

MAXODERM Connection ...™ as a Treatment Option

MAXODERM Connection …™ was specifically engineered to effectuate substantia results toward all of the above listed female sexually-related issues. In terms of desire, it is recommended to introduce new and safe methods of stimulation to the relationship. MAXODERM Connection …™ not only creates a means of stimulation, but the application process, whether it’s during foreplay and into sexual intercourse or for self-pleasuring purposes. With respect to arousal disorders, MAXODERM Connection …™ has been fortified with Vitamin E for soothing stimulation, as well as other vasoactive ingredients to allow for vessel expansion and increased blood flow directly to the “source”. This vasodilation effect allows for drastic sensation enhancement and increase in stimulation. Of course this effect often leads to anxiety alleviation as well. Lastly, because of the exhilarating sensation created in applying MAXODERM Connection …™, the masturbation experience in general is substantially elevated – thereby stimulating the occurrence of orgasms.

If great sex is a priority and/or you and your partner suffer from any of these sexual performance issues:

  • Decrease in Sensitivity
  • Difficulty Achieving Orgasm
  • Mantaining a Firm Erection(in males)
  • Sexual Stamina

Then the MAXODERM Connection Sexual Performance Program is for YOU!

MAXODERM Connection Survey Results
2003 Compilation Totals

(Based on 100 customers using Connection surveyed on repeat phone orders, names were kept confidential)

Have you and your partner enjoyed a better sexual experience while using Connection...™?

Yes:98%   No:2%

Have your male partners found it easier to achieve an erection?

Yes:91%   No:9%

Have your male partners experienced an increase in sexual stamina?

Yes:92%   No:8%

Have your female partners found an increase in orgasm intensity?

Yes:90%   No:10%

Have your female partners found an increase in orgasm frequency?

Yes:89%   No:11%

(56% of customers surveyed claimed partners having multiple orgasms)

MAXODERM Connection Testimonial

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